[Minecraft] Update: Grand Hotel, etc

I am still working on the Grand Hotel map. As a side project, I was making a map of the novel I am writing, just to help me picture the layout of South Haven, the town it takes place in. I suddenly realized: this is the town the Grand Hotel is in. Heaven help us, it’s getting bigger!

I know I spoke earlier about assembling a team, but on further reflection I have decided to be selfish and do it myself, even if it takes a much longer time. 1.2 may be out, even, and that will change some of how things work.

Still working on the Blood and Rust texture pack, too. It’s nearly done, except for mobs, and I don’t like the bed, and I’m not sure about the ores.

I hop onto multi-player servers from time to time, but when I do, I can’t help thinking about things to build on my map, so you may not see me on TDB or WPM or others for a bit.

Anywoop, that’s where I am at with Minecraft.

Is there any interest in videos and screenshots of my progress? ?

[Minecraft] I made a Christmas tree and a charming (I think) house next to the parking garage.

server: The Daily Block

[Minecraft] Dunno why — but I had the urge to make a parking garage.

Server: The Daily Block