The learning AI IRIS seems to be branching out into noise composition and remix.

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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

Freddy’s chalkboard. (Heya, Mark!)

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"You Nearly Lose Your Mind"

Noise composition concocted around samples of the Cackle Sisters.

….hm, I wonder if I can get samples of the Kipper Kids….

Aaaand my very first Minecraft how-to video!

This makes a very small “machine” that makes random, rapid, intermittent pulses that can power a door, noteblock or anything else redstone-related. I’m not sure of any practical applications, but I use it to make some interesting sound design in my map.

Hay! I just realized, I’m running the “Three Mother’s Trilogy” on Mother’s Day!

This is “Shout at your Mother”

A somewhat-noisy mashup with a sort of mother-y thread running through it.

"Graveyard Babies."

My own noise composition, vigorously peppered with clips and samples from Tobe Hooper’s Mortuary, a very silly film.

"What are you listening to?"


"Then why do you have your headphones on?"

Nothing is the name of the band. They don’t like to be labeled.”

"That’s pretty underground. What’s their sound?"

"Neo-industrial-post-emo-punk-funk-electro-crash-thrash-a-billy scream-o house ghetto tech."

"Sounds hardcore."

"Not really. This is their acoustic album."

…and it just escalates from there.

This post from Tumblr Noise reminded me of this video. It’s the logical extreme.

"Telstar" by The Tornadoes.

I was googling “Telstar,” which was the name of a high school near where I grew up. I’d always thought it sounded like a satellite.  Well, turns out, it is. It’s also a 1962 song by The Tornadoes, the first British single to ever hit #1 on the American charts.

I listened to a clip of it before reading the Wikipedia article, and thought it was a modern noise composition at first! It seemed to be just a really crappy recording, though both YouTube and Wikipedia use this version.

Turns out it’s an homage to the satellite it’s named for, with “space noise” interspersed. I love it. The opening could be background in a scary movie. Add a little echo, maybe slow it down, and the whole thing is wonderfully creepy.

Some samples from Carmina Burana, Janis Joplin, an old 1960 thing called “Theme from A Summer Place” and some bits of this and that.

Scanner Dad

I linked to this yesterday, but had (duh) mixed the whole thing without realizing I had my headphone volume down waaaay low. The resultant mix was, in my opinion, terrible. Some parts overwhelmed others, and it all became a uniform, unuanced mess.

THIS is how I intended it. Please enjoy.

Some comforting sounds cobbled together with increasing chaos, until fire and war take over.

New Track: Scanner Dad.

Some comforting sounds cobbled together with increasing chaos, until fire and war take over.

The opening of “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” stretched by eight times. Or stretched to eight times. Not actually sure.

Sirens of Belfast: Air Raid Sirens, mysterious noises, beats and rhythms

released 11 November 2010 

Available for streaming or downloading in a variety of formats here, at my Scixual bandcamp page.

"Channel Surfer" — Literally channel surfing — though via YouTube. “Mixed” live on multiple screens simultaneously.