"Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies — from the Repo Man soundtrack

This song keeps coming up in conversation lately.

…check out a cameo from the illustrious Jack Nance!

[Another Minecraft post] Even if you’re unfamiliar with the source material, this is a pretty catchy tune.

We’ll be hitting the movies again shortly, stay tuned for Sin City.

Holy crap awesome zombies omg joy music omg nom nom brains


Three-piece instrumental string metal band with a Romero influenced music video.

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Anyone remember Max Headroom? In the 80s Matt Frewer played a reporter accidentally uploaded into the network, becoming a sort of spastic trickster in the not-quite-cyberspace, interfering with TV and stopping corporate brainwashing schemes.

Here he’s in an Art of Noise video: Happy Harry’s High Club. What strikes me most, visually, is that he wore a shiny suit and a prosthetic forehead (on his real head) to appear CGI. Nowadays, we’d just render him and Matt Frewer would voice him.

Ah, the 80s.