Silent Hill … books?

Years ago I pitched the idea of a Silent Hill book to Smart Pop, a publishing house that produces books about movies, books and TV shows that have a strong fan following. They are series of essays, often written by fans as well as known authors, about the inner workings and cultural influences of things like Lost, Buffy the Vampire Killer, Star Trek, Hunger Games, etc etc etc.

The books are reasonably popular. When I made the pitch, the editor I spoke to said they had never considered doing a book about a video game (they have since done a World of Warcraft book), but would consider it once the movie came out. Then they said, “maybe if there’s a sequel.” And eventually they just stopped responding. The immense body of Silent Hill fandom and critique and analysis was either not enough or too much — or, I hypothesize, no one who worked there was into “that sort of thing” and so couldn’t imagine how to market a book on Silent Hill. Besides, it’s not like they don’t have enough material to work with. I think they even made a Glee book.

So, is the idea not a good one after all? I don’t think so. I think it could be a great idea. So maybe it needs to be a fan-collaboration. After all, in this day and age, self-publishing is easy, and PoD requires no out-of-pocket funding. Get an ISBN and it can be sold on Amazon, B&N, and any major retailer. The fandom itself can do most of the necessary marketing — word-of-mouth is strong.

Do you think there is interest? Do any of you know of any particularly good writers among the fandom that have produced some good stuff? Writers who might be interested in collaborating on a SH book?

Or maybe such a thing already exists?

About me: currently I run a tumblr blog of movie critique. I have ghost-written a self-help book, self-published a novel of my own, and am working on two more. I was a military journalist for four years, and briefly edited a small niche magazine out of San Diego.