Links to things I make

Chunnel Surfer II via LuLu / Amazon

Bandcamp Sounds, music, effects, mashups, creepified tunes and original lyrics — both streaming and downloads. Full album downloads include special features like videos and short stories.

Scixual on Facebook aka Scott Maddix

Scixual on Livejournal

Scixual on deviantART

Psychic Dyslexia Institute: a webcomic no-longer updated

Fire on the Mountain: a webcomic no-longer updated

Crooked Muse: a webcomic no-longer updated

YouTube: Scixual’s music videos, vlog discussions, mashups and improv videos

Ice on Mars: an iRiffing group

Creepy Sounds CD on

Blüe Sockalypse game at Yoyo Games.